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Peter Dua’s Testimony

“God was telling me not to worry about the future because He is in control!”

My life experience maybe considered ‘ordinary’ in comparison to a transformed gang member or a redeemed drug abuser / alcoholic. But in my eyes, looking back there has been a powerful change in my life since I finally surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I grew up in a Christian family so understood the values and morals or Christianity but a genuine relationship with God was lacking, so the truth was I knew about Heaven and Hell and because of the wrong in my life (wrong that we have all done) I would have been on my way to Hell. 9

Even through my religious behaviour, God still directed my path and has been in complete control of my life. One particular example springs to mind when I was choosing which University to go to. Born and raised in West London gave me the ‘London Mentality’ which meant I did not want to live anywhere else so my first few choices of Universities were in London with Derby as a last choice. Circumstances worked out that I didn’t get into any of the London choices and it was only Derby left. I REALLY did not want to go to Derby so I began to pray (with limited knowledge) for help. A Christian book given to me by my mum sitting on the desk fell on the floor and opened to a chapter with the title Don’t Worry. God was telling me not to worry about the future because He is in control!

I came to Derby and towards the end of my studying years I was invited to a Gospel concert which began my journey with The Potters House Derby. I gave my life fully for the first time to Jesus Christ because it was then that I understood what He did for us all. The wages of every wrong we do in this life is death and He paid the price for me! Looking at my life now, I am truly blessed to have my sins forgiven and be on my way to Heaven . I want God to use my life to tell other people about the truth of The Gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days.


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